Customs Broker Services

Fifty percent of the import department at Smith Air is comprised of licensed customs brokers (LCBs).

Each import service team is supervised and led by an LCB with at least 15 years of experience. We encourage our people to maintain a close relationship with our clients in order to build the trust and confidence we feel is the foundation of our business. We encourage and take a proactive role in the education of our people.

Our import staff is knowledgeable in all phases of customs clearance, including entry requirements, classification, and other government agency requirements.


Electronic Entry Filing/Automated Broker Interface

Smith Air transmits customs entry data electronically to U.S. Customs via ABI. Within minutes we receive an electronic response showing either a paperless release or a requirement for document submission

Remote Location Filing

We electronically process customs releases for cargo arriving directly in ports anywhere in the U.S. from our office in Humble, Texas. One broker is all you need.

Custom Bonds

We provide importers with all their bond needs - from single transaction bonds for the infrequent importer to continuous bonds for those companies who import regularly to carrier bonds for international carriers.

Classification Assistance

Let us assist you with your classification needs.

Binding Rulings

We can assist you in obtaining binding rulings for your classification and marking issues

Parts Database

We maintain a database of our clients' imported items allowing us to provide our clients with records of parts and corresponding tariff numbers, ensuring consistency and accuracy - both vital components of the importer's compliance program


We offer our clients the option of paying duties electronically to U.S. Customs directly from their own bank accounts. We can provide daily reports of duties due and withdrawn by U.S. Customs.


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